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Since our Doctoral Program established in 1998, over 70 students have successfully graduated.

Name: 林思吟 Szu-Yin Lin, Ph.D.

January 2018

Thesis Title (English): What Makes an Innovative Entrepreneurial Team? An Examination of Functional Roles, Cognitive Styles and Entrepreneurial Passion Diversity

Advisor(s): Professor I-Heng Chen

Thesis Title (Chinese): 創業團隊多元性與創新績效- 功能性角色、認知形態與創業熱情之研究

Name: 王振宇 Chen-yu Wang, Ph.D.

June 2017

Thesis Title (English): A Comparative Study of Transient Capabilities with Dynamic Capabilities in the Age of Technology Disruption

Advisor(s): Professor B.S. Jaw and Y.P Wang

Thesis Title (Chinese): 科技爆發時代下的組織瞬時競爭力與動態能力之比較研究

Name: 曾春榮 Chun-Jung Tseng, Ph.D

September 2017

Thesis Title (English): Autonomy and Member Effectiveness in Team: Moderation of Paternalistic Leadership

Advisor(s): Professor Chin-Kang Jen

Thesis Title (Chinese): 團隊中的自主性與成員效能:家長式領導的調節

Name: 陳先郡 Hsien-chun Chen, Ph.D.

January 2017

Thesis Title (English): Image Discrepancy around Role Matters: The Effects of the Discrepant Perception of Professional Work between Professionals and Clients on Client Loyalty

Advisor(s): Professor I-Heng Chen

Thesis Title (Chinese): 色印象差異的重要性:專家角色印象差異與客戶忠誠度之研究

Name: 盧宛瑩 Wan-ying Lu , Ph.D.

September 2016

Thesis Title (English): The Influence of Organizational Resource, Constraint, and Effectiveness on Management Associate Program

Advisor(s): Professor Bih-Shiaw Jaw

Thesis Title (Chinese): 企業導入儲備幹部計畫之資源、限制與效益

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