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39 Course Credits

The Institute offers a range of courses in English and/or Chinese.


  • You will need to accumulate 39 credits (3 credits per course) before graduation.

  • There are 5 compulsory courses (15 of your 39 credits) that are compulsory, and need to be completed within the first three years.

  • You can make decisions about which courses you would like to take, from those on offer, to achieve the remaining 24 credits needed.  

Compulsory Courses: 

  • Advanced Organization Theory and Management 

  • Advanced Human Resource Management

  • Advanced Research Methods (1)

  • Advanced Research Methods (2)

  • Independent Studies

Other Courses

The exact list of courses available to choose from (in English and/or Chinese) can vary year on year - depending on student demand and Professor availability. Below is a list of courses we have opened in the past: 

  • Advanced Qualitative Methods 

  • Seminar in Writing a Literature Review 

  • Thesis Writing

  • Multivariate Analysis

  • Structural Equation Modelling 

  • Advanced Organizational Behavior

  • Advanced Organization Development

  • Development in Leadership Styles, Decision Making and Practice

  • Environmental Sustainability and Green Management 

  • Innovation Management

  • Seminar in Moods and Emotions at Work

  • Seminar in Employee Attitudes and Behaviors at Work

  • Special Topics in Organizational Justice

  • Independent Studies in the Theory of Leadership 

  • Seminar in Family Business Studies 

  • Seminar in Organizational Behavior in the Chinese Context

  • Applied Psychology in Human Resource Management 

  • Advanced Human Resource Development 

  • Advanced International Human Resource Management 

  • Seminar in Entrepreneurship and Human Resource Management 

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