Students need to meet certain criteria in order to graduate from our Ph.D. Program. 

Below we explain what is required.


2 Academic Peer Reviewed Journal Publications Including 1 SSCI Publication 

Students work with Professors (primarily - their advisor) to develop a deep understanding of the whole research process, from research design to publication. Before graduating, you will need to author or co-author 2 published journal papers. At least 1 will need to be published in a social science citation index (SSCI) listed journal. The other will also need to be published in an academic peer reviewed journal, but it does not have to be listed in the SSCI index (e.g. it might be listed in the TSSCI or UK ABS listings). The Institute's Professors can provide guidance on appropriate places to submit your work. 

The publication requirement is a challenging task. In addition to helping develop students' subject knowledge, analytical skills, academic writing ability, critical thinking and overall research ability -  the experience gained from working through the different stages of the research and publication process is likely to enhance the capabilities and international employability of our Ph.D. graduates. 

Working with your advisor and/or Ph.D. classmates on projects that lead to real contributions to knowledge and publications, can be a very exciting activity - and can provide a great sense of personal achievement. 

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