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The steps below show the process you need to follow to make an application. 

If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact the Institute of Human Resource Management or a member of staff in the Office of International Affairs.


Before making an application you need to find a Professor who is willing to be your Ph.D. advisor. By looking at the Professor profiles and their research interests, you can identify who you think would be a suitable advisor for you. 

Click here to view Professor profiles


You then need to make contact with the Professor (e.g. via e-mail). The Professor may ask you about your research interests, past experience, academic qualifications, language skills and reasons for wanting to study a Ph.D. It would probably be helpful to send the Professor a copy of your CV when you first make contact, with a cover letter explaining your interests. After you have made contact with the Professor and discussed your research interests and the Ph.D. program with him/her - the Professor will decide if he/she is willing to be your advisor and support your application. 


Once a Professor agrees to be your advisor (subject to you being accepted onto the program) – you can then submit a formal application to the University. If you are applying for a scholarship from the Office of International Affairs (OIA) at the University, your advisor's signature may be needed as evidence that you have found a Professor who is willing to be your Ph.D. advisor on the program. 

For International Students:

The Application will need to be made via the Office of International Affairs (OIA). If you have any questions about the application process please contact the OIA office: 


Telephone: +886-7-5252632

Before you apply: 

Click here to read the additional information from the OIA about the application process

Click here to open the NSYSU OIA application system


After you have made your application, the Institute of Human Resource Management Ph.D. application committee will then consider your application. If approved, you will be offered a place on the Institute of Human Resource Management Ph.D. program. 

Successful applicants are invited to begin their study in February or September of each year. 

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