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A collection of comments from some of our students...

Chin Tung Stewart Ng

Advisor: Prof. I-Heng Chen

"My advisor, Professor I Heng Chen has provided assistance and guidance to me during my Ph.D. study. I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Professor I Heng Chen and Professor Hsien Chun Chen.


They provide useful feedback and comments that help me develop my knowledge of how to conduct good research. The Ph.D. program overall, provides a lot of useful opportunities to develop a deep understanding of Human Resource Management and research skills".

"During the second year of my Master’s degree program in India, I hear about the Institute of Human Resource Management program at NSYSU. I was impressed with the faculty and research output at the institute, which led me choose NSYSU for my doctoral degree program.


Since 2018, I have gained a vast amount of knowledge relating to human resource management, organizational behaviour, organizational theory and Research Methodology, from the classes and industrial visits".

Mo Aszad Raja Khan

Advisor: Prof. I-Heng Chen

"I first joined NSYSU as a Master student in 2017 and since the very beginning I've been impressed with the teaching style at the University. I decided to pursue a Ph.D. at NSYSU after completing my MBA here, as I felt this is the right place to study HRM. The Institute of HRM, and the College of management in general, has a great team of talented and enlightened support staff and Professors. Since joining the program I have significantly developed skills in research methods, critical thinking, academic writing - and my desire to achieve high results in academic research has grown bigger. I am confident that the program will give me an opportunity to broaden my existing knowledge, develop my skills further, and make a real contribution to academic research in HRM."

Maya Achyldurdyyeva

Advisor: Prof. Nai-Wen Chi

"Overall I have had a great studying experience so far, and I am enjoying my academic work and life at NSYSU. Since joining the PhD program at the Institute of HRM, and working with Professor Jaw and his team, I have strengthened and developed my academic research and teaching abilities, professional networking and have made many good friends among my PhD classmates".  

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Jennet Achyldurdyyeva

Advisors: Prof. B.S. Jaw and Prof. J. P. Wang

"NSYSU feels like a big community; you quickly grow familiar with the faculty and other students. The Institute of HRM has impressed me with their excellence in research, and the incredible Professors who have guided me through the process of writing research papers for publication in SSCI journals. I have obtained invaluable skills that I think will be useful for my future career when conducting research and collaborating with others".

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Rama Krishna Kishore Vandavasi

Advisors: Prof. J. F. Uen and S. J. Chen


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