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Below we provide brief details of what is available from the NSYSU Office of International Affairs (OIA). For more detailed information please contact the Institute of Human Resource Management or the OIA office.

Beverage Mug and a Laptop



Click here for a brief breakdown of scholarships

and living expenses in Kaohsiung.


When submitting your application to the University you can apply for a scholarship from the Office of International Affairs (OIA) at NSYSU.

The student's advisor (who has agreed to support the application and be the student's advisor if accepted) will need to sign a 'consent form' when the student makes an application to study at NSYSU. If the student is offered a place on the Ph.D. program, the student "will be granted as follows":


Tuition waiver (funding is from OIA) for up to 3 academic years. This means you do not pay tuition fees for up to 3 years. (NSYSU doctoral tuition fees are usually around TWD 54,140 per semester. The OIA provide updated information).

Monthly stipend of TWD 15,000 for the 1st semester. For the following semesters, students are required to submit an application to the department office for review (funding is from the OIA.). This can be renewed every semester, for 3 academic years (maximum), subject to satisfactory academic progress on the Ph.D. program.

(Updated 07/09/2019. Please check for any recent changes) 

Click here to read more on the OIA webpage

Currently, the NSYSU tuition fee waiver/stipend (described above) can be awarded for up to 3 years (renewed each semester subject to satisfactory academic performance). However, depending on availability, you may be able to obtain additional funding from other sources such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) or Ministry of Education (MOE). The OIA provides information about external funding opportunities on their webpages.

For up to date information on what is on offer, please contact the Office of International Affairs (OIA).


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