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Students need to meet certain criteria in order to graduate from our Ph.D. Program. 

Below we explain what is required.

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English and Chinese

Before graduating you will need to ensure you have met the required standards in English and Traditional Chinese Mandarin. We have a Chinese language center on campus.


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Good Grades


2 Qualification Exams

During your study you will need to pass 2 qualification exams to show you have a strong understanding of key human resource management subject matter, and research methods.


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Ready to Get Published


2 Peer Reviewed Publications Including 1 SSCI Publication 

Students work with Professors to develop a deep understanding of the whole research process, from research design to publication. You will need to author or co-author 2 Journal papers. At least 1 will need to be published in a social science citation index (SSCI) listed journal. 


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Doctor Teaching on Seminar


39 Course Credits

We offer a range of courses in English and Chinese. You will need to accumulate 39 credits before graduating. This will help develop subject knowledge and research skills. 


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Adult Students


Thesis and Oral Defense

You will need to complete a Thesis to Ph.D. level. You will have an advisor to help guide you through the process. You will pass this stage by completing a Ph.D. Viva.


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Graduation Caps


It is time to graduate...!

Once you have completed all the graduation requirements, you can graduate from the Institute of Human Resource Management with a Ph.D. degree! Over the years our alumni have gone on to pursue a variety of careers, in both academia and in industry. After graduation you will join our  global community of alumni!

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