Students need to meet certain criteria in order to graduate from our Ph.D. Program. 

Below we explain what is required.


A Ph.D. Thesis and Oral Defense

You will need to complete a Thesis to Ph.D. level. You will have an advisor to help guide you through the process. After joining the program you will produce a Thesis proposal. Once approved, you will then proceed to collect data and work towards producing your Thesis. Once complete, this is submitted to the University. A committee of Professors will read your work and you will then be asked to complete a Ph.D. Viva (a form of examination where you present your work and respond to questions). 

Your advisor will provide advice and guidance through this process.


Before applying to study on our Program you may already have some specific interests or research questions you feel have potential. In the first year of your Ph.D. you can start to develop your understanding of specific subjects/theories (producing a detailed literature review can be a useful way to identify research gaps - which will help you plan and produce your thesis and make progress on publications). Completing the 39 course credits, independent study, having subject discussions with your Ph.D. advisor, and networking with other students/Professors can all help you to develop detailed knowledge of the area(s) you want to focus on. 

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