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Congratulations to Institute of Human Resource Management doctoral student, Rama Krishna Kishore Vandavasi!!

Title: Knowledge sharing, shared leadership and innovative behaviour: A cross-level analysis

Rama's work advances knowledge of shared leadership as a mediator, using a multilevel approach to test antecedents of innovative behaviour in the Taiwan hotel industry. Data were collected from 64 management teams and 427 individuals working in 26 different hotels in the hospitality industry in Taiwan. The results show that the effects of knowledge sharing have both direct and indirect effects on the development of shared leadership and individual innovative behaviour.

Congratulations on your hard work Rama!

Full Reference:

Vandavasi, R. K. K., McConville, D., Uen J.F. and Yepuru, P. (Accepted, Forthcoming), Knowledge sharing, shared leadership and innovative behaviour: A cross-level analysis. International Journal of Manpower. (SSCI).

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